Minivans offer tremendous seating and cargo versatility, and Bruno offers a variety of scooter and powerchair lifts for vans that allow you to keep all those family-friendly features. Learn more about the popular Joey® interior lift, and other Bruno scooter and powerchair lifts designed specifically for minivans and full-size vans.

Get a dependable Bruno scooter or powerchair lift for your sports utility or crossover and benefit from the ability to re-install it in your next applicable vehicle. Choose from a selection of interior and exterior solutions to easily lift your scooter or powerchair into your SUV or CUV. Count on your local Bruno-trained dealer for expert advice and installation now and in the future.

Easily lift a wheelchair, scooter or powerchair into a truck bed from the tailgate with Bruno’s Curb-Sider® . Or use Bruno’s Out-Rider® to sit near the truck’s cab while lifting and stowing a mobility device into the truck bed. Bruno makes it easy. If you prefer to preserve all cargo space, use Bruno’s Out-Sider® exterior lift to transport your scooter or powerchair behind your truck. No matter which mobility lift you choose, Bruno keeps you trucking.

Discover how Bruno’s patented Chariot© allows you to easily transport a scooter or powerchair up to 350 lb/159 kg safely behind your car. You won’t even know this “lift on wheels” is there! Or, take advantage of Bruno’s light-capacity wheelchair or travel scooter lifts designed for sedans.